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     Early intervention is a system of family-focused, in-home services that help babies and toddlers who have developmental delays or conditions associated with developmental delays. The core components of Early Intervention are Family Training and Service Coordination, which are provided by an Early Interventionist.

     Family Training includes the design of learning environments and activities that promote skill development in one or more developmental areas. The Early Interventionist works with the child and family to coach, model and teach skills in a way that the family is able to continue when the Early Interventionist is not in the home.

     Service Coordination includes linking the child and family to a full array of services including medical, social, educational, or other needed services through 4 key components: Assessment, Care Planning, Referral and Linkage, and Monitoring and Follow Up. The Early Interventionist works to identify the individual needs, strengths, and resources of the child and family; thereby, coordinating services that are supportive, effective and cost efficient, and by monitoring the provision of the services that meet those needs. The goal of the Early Interventionist is to empower the family to make decisions and coordinate their own child’s care and services.

Ultimately, early intervention is meant to help families understand the special needs of their child and provide resources and insight on how the family can address those needs.