Building Strong Individuals, Families, and Communities

​​​​​​​​​Cornerstone Support Services, LLC

A Mother's Interview

Cornerstone Support Services provides Early Intervention services for children birth to 6 years of age. We are committed to building strong children, families, and communities throughout the state of South Carolina. That commitment is reflected in our passion for what we do.

Our program evaluates and addresses deficits in the six domains in which all children develop:

Social skills – skills used to communicate with others
Communication skills - skills used to transfer information
Cognitive skills – skills used to think, process and learn
Self-help skills - skills used to meet personal needs
Fine-motor skills - skills used to coordinate small muscle movements of the hands, wrists,

                                   fingers, feet, toes, lips, and tongue.
Gross-motor skills - skills used to coordinate large muscle movements for sitting,

standing,  walking, running, keeping balance and changing positions

Concerns about a child’s ability in any of these areas should be addressed as early as possible.